Memo of the first Nuclear Science Association meeting

Date: October 4, Saturday 2008


Shoji Nagamiya (J-PARC, Japan)

Toru Motobayashi (RIKEN, Japan)

Hiroshi Toki (RCNP, Japan)

Hideyuki Sakai (U. Tokyo, Japan)

Yanlin Ye (PKU, China)

Guoqing Xiao (IMP, China)

Yu-Gang Ma (SINAP, CAS, China)

Weiping Liu (CIAE, China)

Dong-Pil Min (SNU, Korea)

Woo Young Kim (Kyungbuk National Univ., Korea)

0 Introduce each other,

1 Chairperson today; Sakai

2 Introduce nuclear physics communities of each countries.

China: Nuclear Physics Association (4 institutes)

Korea: Nuclear Physics Division (funding agency ; KResF+KEngF)


3 Define contact person for information exchanges

Japan: Sakai

China: Ye

Korea: Kim

4 Accelerate collaboration and research

Identify existing exchange program search

5 Which countries would be included?

India + Taiwan(next) + Vietnam + Australia

Pakistan ?

6 Role: utilize existing facilities

Overcome culture difference


Education; mutual exchange, coordination of many schools

Save resources

Convince government ; projects + education

7 Name of this association was discussed and agreed upon with

" Asian Nuclear Physics Association (ANPhA)"

8 Secretary board(office) ; J-PARC and/or RIKEN of Japan will take care.

9 Next meeting will be in Seoul, 21(Saturday) of February 2009.

The main issue of this meeting is to launch ANPhA(organization scheme, targets,

mission) to the world.

10 List of what to do till the next Seoul ANPhA meeting.

Education; schools, facilities, future program

List all bilateral exchange collaboration programs

List up conferences in Asia

Coordination for better use of research resources(WG9)

including future plans.

List potential member countries and regions:

India, Australia, Vietnam, Taiwan(?)

Location of ANPhA office (either J-PARC or RIKEN)

Secretary + etc.

Bylaws : Nagamiya-san takes care.

Council(J+C+K) decides new member.

11 Relation with AAPPS was discussed.

Study plasma physics as a precedent example.