First experiment with polarized deuteron beams was performed at RIKEN RI beam factory in April 2009.

At RIKEN RI beam factory, RIBF, polarized deuteron beams are accelerated up to 440 A MeV

in maximum by the AVF-RRC-SRC acceleration mode.

The vector and tensor polarized deuteron beams are provided by the polarized ion source

in a variety of polarization modes. The spin symmetry axis of deuteron beam is controlled

by the spin rotator Wien filter, prior to acceleration. Single turn extractions of the beams are

essential to maintain the polarization amplitudes during acceleration, which has been successfully achieved all for the three cyclotrons at RIBF. Therefore we can control the spin symmetry axis freely at the target position. In the first experiment the beam polarization was 80% of the theoretical maximum value. 

This technique is a very unique feature of RIBF polarized deuteron beam.

In the first measurement deuteron beams were accelerated up to 250 A MeV.

We have successfully obtained a complete set of deuteron analyzing powers for

deuteron-proton elastic scattering at 250 A MeV with the detector system BigDpol.