NOTE: This is an automatic translation from "TOPDRAWER.DOC", the original reference manual of the VMS-verion. Some features are lost in the port to UNIX made at FNAL, although most of them are restored in the present port. The enhanced features, such as the extended fonts and the symbols, are described in "README.Linux". Some of them will be demonstrated by "" in the directory "examples"

         Version 5.12 ( Rice Bonner Lab )
                     July 1993

            Fermilab Document PP0005.1
               Author:  John Clement
             Support level:  5 (full)

    TOPDRAWER is a keyword-driven interface to the SLAC
    Unified Graphics system, designed  specifically  to
    generate  physics  graphs  with  minimal specifica-
    tions.  Reasonable defaults are  assumed  for  axis
    scales,  tic  locations,  label locations and size,

    Topdrawer  originated  at  the  Stanford Linear Ac-
    celerator Center.  The  manual  for  this  modified
    version            is           online           in
    both at the VMS level and within the Topdrawer pro-
    gram.  The original SLAC document  number  is  CTGM

    Many  devices are supported, including Xwindows and
    Tektronix displays,  and  Postscript,  QMS1200  and
    EXCL printers.