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Here shows the information of dedicated charged particle detectors for SAMURAI experiment.


T. Kobayashi et al., "SAMURAI spectrometer for RI beam experiments", NIMB 317(2013)294-304.


  • Position measurement
    • Beam Proportional Chamber (BPC): beam rigidity tagging at F5
    • Beam Drift Chamber 1, 2 (BDC1,BDC2) : beam phase space fileDetector-BDC.pdf
    • Forward Drift Chamber 1 (FDC1) : scattering angle of fragments fileDetector-FDC1.pdf
    • Forward Drift Chamber 2 (FDC2) : rigidity analysis for fragments fileDetector-FDC2.pdf
    • Proton Drift Chamber 1,2 (PDC1,2) : momentum analysis for protons fileDetector-PDC.pdf
    • NINJA
  • Note on DC analysis : fileDC_information.pdf
  • Velocity (& charge) measurement
    • Hodoscope for Fragment (HODF) : velocity & charge for fragments fileDetector-HOD.pdf
      Now the wide coverage Hodoscope with 24 scintillators is available. 1.5 times wider than before.
    • Hodoscope for Protons (HODP) : velocity & charge for protons fileDetector-HOD.pdf
    • Total Internal Reflection Cherenkov (TIRC) : velocity for fragments fileDetector-TIRC.pdf
  • Total energy measurement

Detailed information of detectors in Tohoku Univ. (partially in Japanese)


Detailed information of detectors in RIBF Web page