The 2nd Conference on "Advances in Radioactive Isotope Science" (ARIS2014) will take place in Tokyo, Japan from June 1 to 6, 2014. The conference will be held at the ITO International Research Center, on the campus of the University of Tokyo.

The scientific scope of the conference maintains well-received features of the 1st ARIS and previous conferences:

  1. nuclear structure
  2. nuclear astrophysics
  3. fundamental symmetries and interactions
  4. nuclear reactions and responses
  5. nuclear properties including atomic masses and fundamental constants, nuclear moments and radii, rare decay modes, and nuclei at the driplines
  6. nuclear EOS and its implications
  7. heaviest elements and fission
  8. radioactive isotope production and developments of experimental devices
  9. computational developments
  10. applications
  11. other related issues

Conference Sponsors

The Physical Society of Japan (JPS) JAEA